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PRODUCT DETAILS G&G CM16 M4 Carbine (Black)

G&G CM16 M4 Carbine (Black)

Product Brand: G&G
Product Code: ACE16-STDCBP-001BK
Hop-Up: NONE
Weight: 2,332 g
Length: 880 mm
Capacity: 450 rds
Power: 370 fps
Battery Size: 8.4v 1100mah
Shooting Mode:
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Unit Price: USD$145.00

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This attractively priced G&G M4 is constructed from very thick high impact nylon fiber polymer. Whilst being inexpensive, it is incredibly robust; more than enough for the starter or frequent skirmisher to throw around on the weekends. Coming in at around 2.3 kg, this gun still has sufficient heft and is incredibly solid feeling, unlike a China made gun. Even more so, this does not feel like some budget gun, the finish on it is delightfully high quality, enough to give Tokyo Marui a run for their money.

This M4 makes for a fantastic economical weapon for the budget spender. Take care of it and it will be a long lasting AEG. Front wired easily accessible in the front end, small Tamiya plug for small type 8.4v or 9.6v battery (sold separately on this site). Compatible with all upgrade parts from SYSTEMA, LAYLAX, DEEP FIRE, etc.

Comes with a G&P 8.4V 1100mah battery, BOL Mini NiCd / NiMH Auto Detect Battery Charger, 1000rds 0.2g BBS.