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E&L Airsoft AKM Full Steel AEG

Product Brand:

E&L Airsoft

Product Code: EL-A101
Weight: 3,580 g
Length: 916 mm
Capacity: 100 rds
Power: 0 fps
Motor: AK Type Motor
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$343.00



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E&L is an Airsoft company that have come out of hiding with their exceptionally beautiful looking AK selection. It is known as a company that makes real guns parts. One thing you have to take into consideration is that didn't take parts from real AKs and convert them to Airsoft parts, they modified their machines so the parts they make are ONLY made for Airsoft guns and nothing else. What they do differently to other companies to make theirs looking as realistic as possible is is that they know how to make real guns while other companies are only known for making Airsoft guns. This makes their AKs more realistic than any other company known to man.

The company they have teamed up with is known for making very high quality internal parts for the Japanese market, so you can expect the internals to be interchangeable with others out on the market. What do you expect to see inside Type 3 geabox employing Japanese technology with super tensile pistons, tappet plates, and high torque motor to easily support power upgrades. RedWolf testing at their factory showed that 20,000 rounds at M150 created almost no wear marks on internal parts! You can use a AK Stick Type 8.4 Volt battery to have a rate of fire of 15 rounds/second which is enough really. Impressed yet? But wait, there's more! It may not seem that important, but the fire selector actually switches with ease. That's something to think about...

One thing you have to take into account is that when it comes to real AKs. None of them look pristine or clean once it is out of the factory. It's actually the opposite. It's got grit, scratches, oil, bumps and bruises and that's what AKs are all about. Don't worry folks, you won't find aluminium on this baby, it's steel, real steel! Not a real AK... But it's made out of real steel which brings us back to the good old days.

Most parts are made out of steel but others are made out of real wood, making it feel like they're covered in oil and varnish just like the real steel version. This AK74M is an example of that. It's made out of Steel and Read Wood which gives it a classic look with the AKM style flash hider on the end. What you find on the AKM is what you can find here. Sure the receiver is 1cm longer and the pistol grip is a thicker to make space for the motor, but that's something we can all overlook.

The magazine it uses is a 5.56 style magazine that can hold 100 rounds. The externals are made from real gun parts but the internals have been worked differently. Once you pull the charging handle back, you'll see the hop up unit. Careful how much you pull it back, it's sensitive. I would suggest using 0.25s or heavier on this magnificent piece or else BBs will be flying in all directions. We want you to hit your targets after all.

MSRP: $419