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PRODUCT DETAILS Deep Fire Samson Evolution (12.37 inch Rail / Black Outer Barrel) 16 inch (New Year Sale)

Deep Fire Samson Evolution (12.37 inch Rail / Black Outer Barrel) 16 inch (New Year Sale)

Product Brand:

Deep Fire

Product Code: DF-DS006
Weight: 2,906 g
Length: 860 mm
Capacity: 360 rds
Power: 380 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$354.00
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This is the Deep Fire Samson Evolution 16 inch, an AEG for the practical skirmisher.

Being a full size 16 inch barrel rifle, you can expect high performance right out of the box, with a long barrel to provide accuracy and power, and a stock to provide maximum stability as a fighting platform. As any experienced airsofter will tell you, stability is only as good as it?s maneuverability and that?s where RWA?s licensed Rainer Arms foregrip comes in.

Despite the main components of this rifle being full metal, it retains the maneuverability so essential for retaining that competitive edge in games. This is due to the exceedingly lightweight (and fully RWA licensed) Rainer Arms foregrip and free-floated, one piece barrel set. The triangular truss-like lightening holes machined into the foregrip ensure the center of mass and weight of the rifle is kept center and low. The foregrip does away with permanent rails on the bottom and sides in favor of attachable, bolt-on rails that further allows keeping weight to a minimum, as excess metal that would be used on rails is not unnecessarily used.

The Deep Fire Samson Evolution comes with a high capacity magazine capable of holding near 360 BBs in one load. And unleashing them in a hail of accurate, responsive, full auto fire.

The Deep Fire Samson Evolution; Full Size, Full Metal, Full Auto!