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PRODUCT DETAILS Cybergun GSG522 PK Folding Stock

Cybergun GSG522 PK Folding Stock

Product Brand:


Product Code: CY-130919
Weight: 3,026 g
Length: 642 mm
Capacity: 250 rds
Power: 355 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$258.00



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GSG (German Sport Guns) is a German firearm manufacturer focusing on .22 LR firearms. This fully licensed version from Cybergun is a full metal electric powered Airsoft gun that is an alternative for fans of H&K's MP5, with a more unique styling.

I know what you're thinking - "X@!%! this gun looks weird and I'd rather just get a Umarex MP5 PDW". This was our first reaction too but having spent some time with this model, the unique styling does set you apart from others, and the heftiness and rigidity of the gun makes up for it's slightly unique looks. True, the look may be an acquired taste - but the performance certainly runs with the best of them.

Our first impressions of this gun are it's heavy weight. At 3 kg (~7 lbs), it feels very hefty and solid.

This gun also sports electric blowback for extra realism. The rate of fire is also strong, shooting around 750 BBs per minute.

Weight: 3026g
Body Construction: Full Metal
Barrel Caliber: 6mm
Magazine Capacity: 250 rounds
Hop Up Type: Adjustable (BAXS)
Velocity 355fps (with 0.20g BB)
Rate of Fire: 800-900 BBs/min
Motor Type: High Torque
Charger and Battery included