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PRODUCT DETAILS ARES SR25-M110 Sass (Electric Fire Control System Version) - BK (Licensed by Knight's)

ARES SR25-M110 Sass (Electric Fire Control System Version) - BK (Licensed by Knight's)

Product Brand:


Product Code: SR-004E
Weight: 3,070 g
Length: 885 mm
Capacity: 140 rds
Power: 410 fps
Motor: High Torque Flat
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
Unit Price: USD$519.00



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ARES are always trying to improve on their products and their version if the SR-25 is definitely something that shouldn't be overlooked. It comes with a MOSFET system so it shot is very concise and clean, a Full quad rail system for all your accessories, a slot in the stock tube to fit your battery and it comes with 7.62mm Type magazines.

That's not the most special thing about it though. The fire selector says Safe and Fire. This is because it is programmed to use the ARES Electronic Gearbox Programmer for ARES Electronic Firing Control System Gearbox so you can alter the way it shoots depending on your game.

It's made out of an Aluminium Allow with Nylon Fibre bits and pieces. What's special about this is it has Licensed Night's Armament CNC markings on the receiver for that additional, badassery bonus point. It has a free float outer barrel URX Rail Forend with a metal flash hider at the end. It also comes with a SR-25 Scope mount if you wish to fit a scope on top!

This is not the only version of it though. It comes in TAN and Black and also comes in a Carbine form.

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