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PRODUCT DETAILS ARES M4A1 Carbine (Dark Earth) (Clearance)

ARES M4A1 Carbine (Dark Earth) (Clearance)

Product Brand:


Product Code: AR-010
Weight: 3,000 g
Length: 868 mm
Capacity: 140 rds
Power: 330 fps
Motor: High Torque Flat
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$181.00
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Another decent quality budget friendly option when shopping for an AEG M4, the ARES version is middle of the road, middle tier yet perfectly skirmishable AEG M4.

It comes with a full aluminum body and CNC markings and a smattering of nylon fiber polymer and steel accents all with a mind for quality and practical durability. Attention to detail has been paid to things such as the bolt locking/bolt catch which is fully functional which is handy for operating the hop-up adjust on the fly.

The build quality is assumingly solid and has a good weight to it. A very good choice if you fancy having an all-metal M4 without having to buy and install the metal body kit yourself. It has a 140 round magazine and fires a decent 330fps on average. As an M4 of course you can always look into revving things up under the hood if you are looking for a bit more punch.

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