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PRODUCT DETAILS APS Mini Patriot Electric Blowback - AEG (Clearance)

APS Mini Patriot Electric Blowback - AEG (Clearance)

Product Brand: APS
Product Code: ASR106
Weight: 2,500 g
Length: 520 mm
Capacity: 300 rds
Power: 335 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: semi, Full auto
Unit Price: USD$164.70
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The Mini Patriot is one of many customized modifications of the standard AR15 and was designed for CQB use. This custom 'Frankenstein's Midget Monster' uses a Version 2 gearbox and features a full metal body with a custom mock silencer, a compact tube stock and beautifully finished Front Rail System for all of your tactical accessories.

The features of it alone impress me as the grip has a grainy texture that makes it secure and strangely comfortable to hold. The laser etched engraving on the rails gives the patriot a sense of purpose.

If the rate of fire doesn't show the intensity of the blowback system a and its immense volume, you can always add to the awesomely intimidating rating, put the front rail system to good use so that you don't just sound horrifying, you'll look the part too!