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PRODUCT DETAILS APS AKS-74 PMC Tactical with Side Scope Mount Electric Blowback - AEG

APS AKS-74 PMC Tactical with Side Scope Mount Electric Blowback - AEG

Product Brand:


Product Code: ASK208
Weight: 3,180 g
Length: 945 mm
Capacity: 300 rds
Power: 0 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$171.00



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The Russian AK-74 has been the subject of a continuous improvement and modification programs after the first prototypes were assembled in the late 1960's and early 1970's. It appears that every few years, some major design changes were implemented in the production lines, and although some were more or less transitional and individual modifications, many were adopted as part of specific improvement packages, and rifles made in those particular years can be identified as specific subtypes. Many years down the line into the 21st Century, a hybrid was born! Introducing the APS EBB AKS-74 Tactical w/ Side Scope Mount.

Now I know what you may be thinking. Someone has been crossbreeding M4s and AKs! In this case, the AK has the dominant genes. The ?S? in AKS stands for SKLADNOY (pronounced *sh-klad-noi(boy)*) which translates to ?Folding?. However, this M4 style plastic butt stock doesn?t fold, it slides. This is kind of a misnomer by APS so the Russion translation for Slide should be Zatvor? The plastic pistol grip and folding grip are custom made as it?s made for comfort and stability. The magazine that comes with it is also plastic and rather tacky but you can change that to a magazine clip you actually enjoy looking at. Fortunately, the rest out of the gun is made out of metal.

The rest of the gun is fantastic to look at. At the front is a black Guarder Vortex style flash hider. Further along we find ourselves the railed hand guard for all your available accessorize. We find the folding grip attached to the bottom here which can be easily removed by pressing the folding grip release button. Voila! Right behind it we have the rear sights, easily adjustable to firing at longer range. On the left side right above the trigger, we have a side scope mount. This would fit a G&G AK Scope Mount set and on that you can attach whatever scope you like! So looking at this weapon as a whole, discarding the terribly looking magazine, *throws away the magazine* we have ourselves a very modern, very good looking, brute-ish AKS-74.

Now for all the LIPO battery fans out there. You might be a little disappointed with what I have to show you. First remove the AK receiver cover and look where the battery slides into which can be seen in the hand guard. That gap is too small to find even the smallest 7.4v LIPO battery because of its circular shape. Therefore you will have to use an 8.4v Ni-MH Battery instead which limits your upgrade options a bit.

In terms of performance, one thing you?ll have to learn to ignore is the loose hand guard as it rattles like a snake when you run with it. However, all is forgiven once you press the trigger! Firing at an immaculate sounding 250 fps, the AKS Tactical is ideal for outdoor medium range shootouts. When dealing with ranged targets in an outdoor scenario, give or take 15 metres, 50 feet, with semi auto shots, the grouping rears off to the left slightly but stays within 3 inches in diameter which is not bad for a beginners weapon. You still will always hit a human sized target from that range so all-in-all that is all that really matters in the end! For longer ranges, well? You?ll have to take a ?spray and pray? approach.

Much like what I said in the previous video. If you find that this weapon isn?t for you, there is many other APS EBB AK-74s out there for you to choose from. *scans through all these weapons leaning against a wall* These include the AK74 Real Wood with Side Scope Mount, the AK74S Real Wood, the AKS74 Real Wood with Side Scope Mount, the AKS74U Real Wood and last of all, the Traditional AK47 Real Wood. As I?ve mentioned in the last video all APS rifles use MOSFET as of several months ago so all these AKS will be running on that technology.